A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"Turn off the light, put the headset and welcome to the world of Darker Than Space.

- The Alien".

Darker Than Space is a survival horror game created for the libGDX Jam (18dec2015 - 18jan2016).

You don't know who you are or where you are. The only thing you know is that you need to find a way to escape, but be careful, you are not alone.

Alt + Enter: Fullscreen mode.

NOTE: Sometimes you need to pay attention in the text box to understand what you need to do.

Please play the game with earphone or headset for better experience.


Install instructions

Windows: Executable (.exe).

Linux/Mac: Java file (.jar).


- Update your Java Version: DOWNLOAD


- Download the .jar version and put this file in the same folder and just run play.bat: DOWNLOAD


Darker Than Space.exe 12 MB
DarkerThanSpace.jar 12 MB


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Pretty fun stuff!

I would love to see an expansion on the story of this! Admittedly, I saw the plot twist as soon as it popped up, and then the inevitability that came with it, but I still enjoyed it! I'll also admit that I had to read the comments to figure out how to get past the big alien, lol. But great job, nonetheless!

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I really enjoyed the atmosphere in this one, good work! Did a playthrough of it on my channel :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nn852lKnpRM

Thank you so much for playing and feedback! I'm glad you liked it!

wow, I could not get past that huge monster bitch... maybe im doing something wrong...

Hello, thanks for playing! I'm very happy to see a gameplay video!

Tip: Neila said, "you can use the crowbar to move a heavy object, maybe there is another way to get in the room". So look for some heavy object to move, try back in a few previous rooms

Good Luck!

Hey this is my favorite game from the entries that I've played. It looks like you used spine - did you buy the full version?

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Hello my friend, thank you so much. Spine is an amazing software (I'll try later, but the free version is very limited to test stuff), so I'm using spriter2d: https://brashmonkey.com/

Both are bone animation based.

Ah ok, I have spriter but never got around to trying it with libgdx. It looked like there was some setup involved...was it easy?

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It is easy to use it with libgdx, you only need to export your animation as a .png spritesheet (horizontal or/and vertical frames) and create an Animation with all frames, so in code just do a TextureRegion.split and fill the Animation with all frames, you can see my code here (line 176-186): Code

Hope it helps! ;D

I see, so you used spriter but it's just a normal libgdx animation and not a smoother interpolation between frames.